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Course accredited by Physical Activity Australia.

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How long will it take me to complete my PEA Pilates certification?

In order to become a PEA Pilates certified instructor, you will need to successfully complete the following three steps:

  • Participation in all interactive course training days
  • Complete all independent self practise, observation and teaching hours
  • Successfully complete the final PEA Pilates certification exam

Just like with anything in life, this might seem like a huge task – make no mistake, it is a big commitment! However, breaking up a big goal into many smaller ones can help to achieve what you originally set out to do.

When you join the PEA community, you join a team. We work together to help you reach your learning goals and instructor dreams.

What type of Pilates Training does PEA Pilates provide?

PEA Pilates offers its signature 100hr Mat Pilates Teacher Training course to the fitness industry.

This course is accessible to anyone seeking a career as a Mat Pilates instructor! You might have an allied health background, a fitness or dance background, or you might be a student. You might be in a corporate role looking for a complete career change, or you may want to participate in this course with a passion for pilates, and for your own self development. Whatever your motivation, PEA Pilates is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

PEA Pilates is accredited by Physical Activity Australia, a peak Australian National Fitness Registration body.

Where can I get a job after completing the course?

After successfully completing your PEA Pilates course and achieved your certificate, you are able to obtain insurance in order to work in any capacity that is consistent with the scope of your training on the course. This might include working in a Pilates studio, some independent gyms, online, or from home.

Bear in mind that some gym environments may require their instructors to also have a Certificate in Fitness.

How do the course contact hours work?

The Signature PEA Pilates 100hour Mat Pilates Teacher Training course offers Australia-wide online learning, via zoom. You gain the benefit of being in a ‘face to face’ environment, from the comfort of your own home. These online learning sessions are not pre-recorded, but real time, to ensure that you are supported through every step of your journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor. Your course is led by an experienced Physiotherapist who will also provide you with individualised feedback and tips throughout your course journey to ensure you complete your course feeling as prepared and confident as possible.

What timeframe do I need to complete my examination by in order to obtain my PEA Pilates certificate of completion?

You have 12 months from the day your contact training hours start, in order to successfully complete your assessment and obtain your PEA Pilates certificate of completion.

Why is there such a strong anatomy theory course component?

At PEA Pilates, our courses have not just been developed to teach you the ‘what’, but also, and more importantly, the ‘why’.

Therefore, understanding the background musculoskeletal anatomy relevant to movement will ensure that when we are working through all of the Pilates exercises, you have a solid foundation understanding of what movement goal each exercise is trying to achieve.

We understand that learning anatomy can feel overwhelming, especially if this is something you have had minimal exposure to in the past. The PEA Pilates education method seeks to link all theory learning to the practical skills of teaching, to aid you in the learning process as much as possible.


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