Planking 101 – Do you know how to optimise your form?

May 27, 2022 | Uncategorized

Planking 101 – Do you know how to optimise your form?

Most people seem to be aware of a common error when it comes to planking, and that’s the idea of over extending through the lower back (think: sticking the booty out – twerking style 😂). What’s happening in this instance is that the pelvis is tipping forwards (into what we call an anterior pelvic tilt), which therefore results in the lower back arching or extending.

What people don’t realise, is that our form might also be compromised in the opposite direction.

You see, it’s all about the position of the pelvis. This is what influences the position of the lower back.

Tipping the hips too far forwards in an anterior tilt, will mean the lumbar spine will also extend, and this could cause the lower back muscles to get fatigued, but also might mean that the core isn’t getting as challenged as it could be.

But on the flip side, tipping the hips too far backwards into a posterior pelvis tilt, might not be ideal either. This could result in excessively flattening through the lower back and over compensating and doming out through the outer core muscles, resulting in poorer deep core awareness and control.

The answer?

Maintaining a lengthened neutral spine, supporting the natural curves of the spine, has been found by studies to optimise deep core awareness and control.

It’s all about balance.

We talk about and practise how to optimise our planks as well as over 100 other pilates focused movements, to make sure you feel confident performing them, so that you can then feel even more confident teaching them as an instructor.

The PEA Mat training course is off to a flying start with the first to face weekend commencing 25th June.

There are still 4 spots left. Don’t miss out – register your interest via email at or via the link below.

See you on the mat, and happy planking!

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